Thank you for visiting my little corner!

This blog started out as way for me to track my weight loss and diet. Therefore the name Candice Craves.

I have since started it back up to not only include that but also my life as a mommy, wife, woman, and daughter.

I like to create, write, inspire, and simply enjoy life.

I decided to keep the name Candice Craves for my blog because I crave so much in life, much more than good food.

I crave:

to be a good wife
to be a good mother
to honor God in all that I do
to create a nice home for my family

and so much more....

1 comment:

  1. Candice I stumbled upon your web site and I love your ideas! I am so excited that I found it!!! Thanks for taking time out of your day to help other mom's out there get organized and crafty too!
    Mabry mom


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