Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rolling over my RR's

If you have any leftover RR from walgreens they are easily "rolled" this week. I was stuck with a bunch of $10 RR from the robutissin and scrubb bubbles deals from two weeks ago that were expiring. This week reach toothbrushes and/or dental floss are 2/$5 and pay $5 RRand the crest pro health mouthwash (500ML) is still paying $4.50 RR Use your $10 RR to buy both (and a small filler) and basically get the expiration date extended and get free dental hygine products! Also you can buy the mouthwash then use RR to pay for Reach then do it the opposite way all week long! Just remember you have to use the opposite RR to get the new one to print! Good luck! Note: The reach RR are coming up with expiration date of 12/09! The RR are usually 2 weeks but this one is extra long.

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