Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Ways to Use Formula Cans In Your Birthday Decorations

As you know my daughter had her 1st Birthday Luau last month and I had these projects I wanted to share. I had a ton of empty formula cans and I wanted to somehow use them at her birthday party. Here's 3 ways I used her empty formula cans as decorations at the party:

Here's part of the table centerpieces. I glued Luau garland all around the can then taped those cute pineapples and Luau girls to the top of the can to help make them taller.

I used a few cans as a holder for the leis. I just covered the can in scrapbook paper and put the leis inside. Every table had one of these.

I had one of these very small cans that was a sample from my pediatrician. I covered it in paper and used it to hold the silverware at the food table.

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  1. This is a great idea! I always regret throwing small coffee cans away as I never know what to do with them. You've just given me a solution to reuse them. Thanks!


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