Monday, February 8, 2010

Foods That Boost Metabolism

The past few weeks I felt like my metabolism needed a boost. You know how some people have natural high metabolisms and they can burn fat easier? Well that is not me! I need all the help in that department that I can get! So I decided to do some research on foods that boost your metabolism and I put a list together of the top 15 foods that boost metabolism. Most of these were taken from the website. I put as many of these into my meal plan that I could this week. They are:

1) Grapefruit
2) Green Tea
3) Yogurt
4) Almonds
5) Coffee
6) Turkey
7) Apples
8) Spinach
9) Beans
10) Jalapenos
11) Broccoli
12) Oatmeal
13) Soy Milk
14) Curry
15) Cinnamon

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