Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 6 Results!!!

Well I have made it to Week 6! It was a tough week because of my weekend schedule. We had a lock-in with the Youth students Friday night so I had to stay up all night and sleep Saturday. That messed my eating / workout schedule up so I was a little worried about the weigh in. But! The weigh in went great! I ended up losing 4.2 pounds by their scales this week! That brings my total year to date weight loss at 26.6 pounds. I am also still keeping up with my Fast Food boycott. It has now been 46 days since I have ate fast food!! I ended up in 6th position at the weekly weigh in, I am 7th in the overall competition.
My plan for Week 7 is to step up my workouts. I hope to workout a lot more this week and hope it will pay off on the scales. I also have an out of town trip planned Friday night and Saturday. I am planning on bringing all my own food so I will not have to eat any fast food. Since I am going out of town, I am going to skip my Wednesday rest day and workout that day. The hotel does have a gym but I don't know how much time I will have to be there.

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