Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grocery Shopping 101

1) Assess your pantry and fridge - Go to your pantry and fridge and make a list of things that you have and need to be used. That way you never buy something then come home to find you already have it. Keeping a running pantry / fridge inventory list is also helpful if you update it everytime you use something.

2) Put it on the List I keep an on going list throughout the week that I can add to anytime I run out of something. For instance, if I use the last of the peanut butter, I go ahead and add it to my list right then so I don't forget.

3) Make a weekly menu - Organize your coupons, sales ads, and what you have on hand into a weekly meal plan. Add things you don't have to your list

4) Rethink Quantities - Do you really need that huge bunch of bananas or a whole pound of deli meat? Buying in bulk is not always the most cost effective option if the food is never eaten! Instead, I buy what I need for the upcoming week. For instance, I buy 1/2 pound of deli meat, which is usually more than enough for my husband and my lunches for the week. Plus, if we run out, we can always pack something else for lunch, which is much better than throwing away spoiled deli meat.

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