Monday, February 22, 2010

Weigh In - Week 7 - 2/22/10

Week 7 is over! It was a great week. I stuck to my goal of working out more than I had before and I think it really helped me this week. I was nervous since I would be out of town on the weekend but I think the extra workouts before I went really helped. According to my home scale, weighing in first thing in the mornings, I lost a total of 3.1 pounds this week. At the weigh in tonight I came in at 2.4 pounds lost. Of course, I go with my morning weigh ins =) That puts my total weight loss in 7 weeks at 28.8 pounds! I hit a very big milestone tonight and moved down a decade. Very exciting! I also tried on a pair of jeans this weekend that were 2 sizes smaller than what I normally wear and they fit perfect!! I was shocked!! So all in all this has been a fantastic week!!!!

FAST FOOD BOYCOTT STATUS: I still have yet to visit a fast food restaurant! Even with being out of town for 2 days this weekend I was able to pack my own food and only ate 2 meals out at restaurants, however, they were not fast food. Today is day 53 since eating fast food!!! My goal is one year =)

NUTRITION GOALS WEEK 8: This week I don't really have any new nutrition goals. I want to keep my calories per day under 1300. I really want to get a little more creative with my meals. Tonight's pizza was a great start.

WORKOUT GOALS WEEK 8: SWEAT!!!! This week my goal is to SWEAT as much as possible. I don't sweat very much even though I drink lots of water. Instead of doing several small workouts during the day I am going to focus on 2 more intense, longer workouts. One before work and one after work. I plan on wearing pants and sweatshirts to hopefully bring out the sweat more!

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