Friday, February 5, 2010

New Year

So I have been using this blog just to blog about couponing but now I'm going to start blogging about how my lifestyle has changed since the beginning of the year.

Jan 4th we started a Biggest Loser competition at the church. I was so excited about it and hoped I would do well but I wasn't sure. I have tried diets in the past, but honestly they never lasted more than a couple of weeks before I was quitting. I don't think I ever even made it 7 days without cheating. I was determined to stick with it and now I can't believe it is day 33 and I have not cheated once!! I have not even had any kind of fast food in 33 days. It is like my body and mind has been on auto pilot and before I knew it, I'm on week 5 and doing good! All the cravings for junk food is gone. I now crave broccoli and water! I cannot go a day without eating my big 12oz bag of broccoli. It has certainly not been easy but it has not been as hard as I expected. I have taken on the challenge of not eating any fast food for as long as I can. We have several trips coming up in Feb & March but I am determined to pack as much food as possible and not eat any fast food.

This week I have learned that putting my body on a regular normal schedule, like you would do with an infant, is the best way to curve cravings and lose weight. The amazing thing is I can now eat dinner at 6pm and I have no cravings to eat before I go to bed. Once you get your body on the schedule, it is like 2nd nature and you won't even think about it. Here is my daily schedule which I never deviate from unless I absolutely have to. I also take Wednesday & Sunday as rest days and I do no exercise on these days to help my body recover.

Candice's Daily Schedule:

6am Wake Up

7:30am Jog a 12/min Mile

8:00am Breakfast

10:00am Jog a 12/min Mile

10:30am Snack

12:30pm Jog a 12/min Mile

1:00pm Lunch

3:00pm Jog a 12/min Mile

3:30pm Snack

5:30pm Jog a 12/min Mile

6:00pm Dinner

10:00pm Bedtime

YTD Weight Loss: 22lbs

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