Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gaining Weight after Exercising??

Yesterday I stuck with my more exercise plan for this week. I did 3 seperate 30 minute jogs, 30 minutes strength training, sat on my exercise ball the whole time I was at work (around 5 hours) and a 30 Minute workout with the DCC On Demand (Love it!) I ate a modest 1,481 calories. So I feel fairly confident that Week 7 is off to a great start. Got up this morning and I was so sore! My thighs especially. I stepped on the scale at the usual time and weighed 2.9 pounds more than yesterday morning! What in the world?!? So I of course starting googling. Turns out this is very common after an intense day of exercise and if you are sore. According to, sore muscles are retaining water to help in the repair process. Most sites agree that if you are properly hydrating during workouts, it is possible to weigh as much as 3-5 pounds the next day. So this makes me feel a lot better. I am going to keep up with my intense workouts today - Saturday. No exercise Sunday or Monday for the weigh in.

Also Day 3 on the Exercise Ball at work!! I didn't sit on it much Monday, everyone wanted to try it out and I really didn't have that much time to even sit down. However, yesterday I sat on it almost all day long as I was glued to my computer all day. I think that is a big reason why my thighs are so sore today!

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